There is a long list of things that I want to do, want to have and want to experience. Having a car of my own, happens to be at the top. But there is a slight asterisk condition marked at the top of the list. What’s it? The answer is, those dreams, the check marks on the things I want to have, should be through my hard earned money.

Now how does that connect to DATSUN redi-GO? The sleek-compact miracle is a perfect car to my journey with. In a comfortable price, it offers me tons of features, my compatibility and the most important factor, a start to my comfort space.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

So considering this car to be my first car, let me tell you the three features which makes it one of the best car to start your journey with.


The Build

The Urban Cross, Datsun redi-GO is built with a CMF-A platform underpinning quite a lot similar ranged cars, which, not only look good but also, make it pretty amazing to handling the weight-mass ratio of the car. The tall-boy design for the redi-Go, provides an excellent headspace for passengers, making it one of the most comfortable hatchback.

The top-end model contains an added feature of Daytime-Running Lights, which adds to its appearance and aura.

The famous Yukan Design consisting of modern day interiors makes it worthy car. Some of those modern day interiors include:

  • Smooth and Sleek Silhouette
  • Lean & Dynamic side character lines
  • The touch of silver adds a premium apparel

Let us see some of the USP features as well.

  1. The D CUT Grille
    The high quality grill which is supported in many of the upcoming trendy cars, makes his way towards this car as well. It symbolises trend, isn’t it?
  2. High Stance
    The overall clearance of the car gives you a wide look and view of your surroundings.


Perfect Run-Head

Yes, the motive force for the redi-GO has an 800cc three-pot mill which is evidently found in many similar ranged long-term cars. All-time favourite, Alto has the similar configuration. Thus, providing an assurance of comfortability.

From the factors of Fuel Economy to I-SAT engine, we have one of the best available combination at this price range. One important thing to drive easy? Pretty small turning radius.

The I-Love-This Interior


I guess one of the most beautiful aspect of this car happens to its beautifully made interiors. From modern dashboard layout featuring perfect spacing towards the stereo deck, space compartment, to sporty fabric of seats. They just make the whole thing look classier and comfortable.

The pricing does include the royalty features such as, power windows, audio system in-built.

The model currently comes with the 5-speed Manual transmission but we are looking forward to the launch of AMT transmission sooner than expected.

Apart from the physical features, we have got some trendy looking indicators for the dashboard as well. They include amazingly done computer driver, shift indicator.


Apart from the all the key points that we have mentioned, how can we forget about the Superior Air conditioning system?

Consisting a large 89 CC compressor, it keeps the car cool and comfortable throughout your experience.

The bookings are open it, and we are rushing forward to it too. Do have a look at this video for the first look of the car.