India walked into this tournament after suffering a series of failures on their long and exhausting tour of Australia. They were in low spirits, but they didn’t lose hope. The Indians put on a scintillating display of cricket, and spared no team that crossed their path. They were undefeated in this tournament until yesterday, with seven straight wins to mark a glittering show at the highest level.

Indians amass against Times Now
Indians amass against Times Now

Today, after the much-anticipated clash between India and Australia concluded, the Indians were forlorn, but not displeased with their own country’s performance. Times Now, the beloved English News channel of India, perturbed everyone with their capricious attempt at ‘news’. The entire nation was despondent and emotional after the loss, and to their surprise, the media house did something repulsive. They had the audacity to venture into something that hurt everyone’s feelings, something so demeaning, only to hog the limelight! ‘Times Now’ carried out countless news reports with the hash-tag, #ShameInSydney, and poured scorn on the Indian players. This instantaneously irked and maddened a billion cricket admirers and enthusiasts, giving birth to a nationwide trend. India doesn’t have cricket fans, India has believers or perhaps worshipers of cricket.

The enraged Indian cricket lovers took to twitter, and gave it back to the news channel, criticizing their outrageous and appalling remarks. They started a nationwide trend, #ShameOnTimesNow, erupting, to express their anger against the channel. This radiating wave of disgust was a good thwack on the back of the news channel that thought they could trend anything on will, and didn’t take into account India’s immense love for the game and its players. What turned out to be shameful in the end was, Times Now’s disregard for the nation and the players who gave it everything only to further their nations cause, and return home in triumph once again. This utterly absurd and unreasonable act gave way to tweets that smacked their self-conceit so hard, that it was swept away. Times Now subsequently removed the hash-tag from its channel and Twitter account, terrified of the outbreak.

Here are some tweets on this matter:

Perhaps, a day not far away.

True dedication!

We truly know how to treat our heroes.

Something so true!

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