First of all! Splendid welcomes to each one of a new path under taken by Pehchaan India. Over the years, we have explored the India which is unknown to the masses. In a simultaneous journey, we have captured the cultures, social news and everything happening in the country. For the very same reason, here we are, beginning a new part of it, out of complete love. Lets begin a journey which begins in your mouth, and never ends. We are here to explore the places in India to eat, have a great time and possibly be with you in your memories and cravings.

Kingdom Of Dreams

I remember the exact details of visiting this place. Had always heard about their stage shows, about their beautiful craved sculptures and none-the-less, their heavenly place called Culture Gully.

Culture Gully, Kingdom of Dream | On Street Performance.
Culture Gully, Kingdom of Dream | On Street Performance.

I am a typical Butter Chicken te Butter Naan person, coming from my roots of upbringing in northern side of India. And, that was the only thing which I wanted to crave to when I first stepped into their palladium of culture gully.


They say you only enjoy food when you are comfortable in your surroundings. For sure that’s true, and the management at Kingdom Of Dreams have smoothly taken care of every thing that could stand out. As the name suggests, the culture gully is a combination of different cultures of India. Stood tall at one side was remake on Mumbai’s B.E.S.T bus, or great Calcutta structures.

It was delightedly a beautiful place to explore with your eyes, while your tongue explored that amazing food lined-up for you.

Beautiful Decor, ambiance at Cultural Gully, Kingdom of Dreams
Beautiful Decor, ambiance at Cultural Gully, Kingdom of Dreams


Without wasting any more time, lets jump to the reason we all are here. Food. I took a plate, I knew my target, I went ahead and 1..2 scoops of Butter Chicken right onto my place. It looked really good to the eyes with creamy marinated color. I didn’t had to look for the breads since they had servers who were delivering it to every table. Pretty sweet!.

After I had my sumptuous craving for BCBN sorted, I went onto taste different things such as Noodles, different breads and yes! even veg. They all uttered out decent in terms of taste.

Without a doubt, Culture Gully is a place one should definitely visit. It offers your complete experience in terms of food, memories and of-course, visiting India, just in few steps.


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