India is a land of vast culture, but with this culture, there inhibits a varied hypocrisy, distinctive to each personality. We bring 5 of those to you!


  1. The Clean Litterbug!
    This person cribs away to glory all the time, about how dirty our country is and ridicules his own motherland. What he complains about, is actually what he does himself. For instance, he who litters everywhere doesn’t have the right to conveniently lampoon, or grumble about the roads being dirty. I mean, he would’ve littered enough to fill a hundred bins in his lifetime.
The Indian Litterbug!
Ekdum Bindaas!


  1. The Chameleon!
    This person is an improvement to the first hypocrite. He litters around in his own country and whenever he visits another land, he always abides by the rules, exemplifying an adherent of Jainism. He transforms into a person so virtuous that he even takes care of preventing unintentional harm to insects.
The Chameleon!
Now what if we start doing this in India? Well, we can’t.


  1. The Law-Maker!
    This person always criticizes the ‘system’, and talks foul against the persistent corruption of the authorities. He would go on about how bad bribery is, and lecture everyone to refrain from giving or taking bribes. But he wouldn’t blink an eyelid before he took out a ‘500 rupee note’ if he’s ever caught breaking a traffic signal. He alters his stand, and also alters the constitution when he is in a fix.
The Law Maker!
Aajao mere veero!


  1. The Philanthropist!
    This person is the high and mighty snob who flaunts his money more than his manners. In social gatherings and meetings, he would talk about how generous he has been, and how much money he has donated to really good causes. If you ever get the chance to speak to his domestic help and staff, they’ll tell you that they haven’t received their wages in donkey’s years.
The Philanthropist
Haha! And they thought I’ll pay them!


  1. The Photographer!
    This person is also a top-lofty, rich and ‘superior’ person. He is also a generous person who has great sympathy for the less privileged. He would buy a camera that’s worth its weight in gold, and travel to the neighbourhoods of the deprived, only to photograph them toiling and slaving away in the mud. He would then express his sorrow on social media by posting this photograph with a great caption.
The Photographer!
Can you feed me instead of shooting me?

All these people epitomize hypocrisy, and hide behind the fancy-dress that is imposture.

Do share it if you have come across such people, and let them know their deeds!

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