Nature, in its prime is the most soothing sphere of luxury. There is no sight more appealing than water cascading down into the river looking upon the deep blue cup of sky, and a hint of breeze brushing past the dew-kissed flowers and trees. We are but flowers in concrete gardens, beautiful and forlorn, and hence the Earth Day was devised in 1970 to reawaken mankind’s love for nature. Earth Day is observed on the 22nd of April every year, and countless communities and countries carry out activities to further environmental causes throughout the week or month, naming it Earth Week or Earth Month. The possible ramifications of abominable acts we commit every day, like littering away to glory and releasing vehicular exhausts, look menacingly upon the vast expanse of the world. People from all communities, countries, sects, castes, creeds and religions unite to revel in the sensation of nature, celestial and immaculate. Every person in the world is busy with something or the other, we all have contractual obligations and commitments, a sick grandmother, or a city to save from evil aliens. It still is pretty much possible to make time for the planet that we reside in, the nature that has assimilated all birds and beasts within itself so generously. Today, we will enlist the activities one can undertake to make a difference, and contribute to the Earth Day.


  1. Reduce Energy Consumption- A substantial amount of the greenhouse gas emissions make their way through the layers of the atmosphere because of the exhausts energy consumption renders, be it for air conditioners or cars. You can contribute immensely by toning down the watts in your daily lives.
  1. Plant a tree- This is no school spluttering in order to help kids indulge in such activities and inculcate that love for their environment within them at a rather tender age. We believe you understand the adverse effects of letting down nature, and request you to make amends of your time on earth as a human being, and plant a frigging tree!
  1. Change a habit- Be it littering or spitting, there are a select few gentlemen who don’t blink an eyelid before doing it and act rather casually about it. They must relinquish doing this for the beautification, cleanliness and prevention of pollution in their respective lands.
  1. Stop using disposable plastic- Plastic is one leech that sticks around longer than super glue. It is one substance that does not biodegrade like other organic materials, like we all have learnt in school, but still act like we haven’t. Its human psychology to contradict and breach the wall of rules set forth, isn’t it? But why do that when it’s affecting you, and only you? We can drastically change the world, yes, by using bags made of biodegradable materials.
  1. Install Solar Panels- This might be an exorbitantly expensive affair for a few of you, but if you have an office or a factory, or even a house saturated with grandiosity, you can reduce power consumption and costing by retrofitting them with solar panels.

Earth Day

As we have illustrated with the above examples, doing something to support and protect nature isn’t all that difficult. Even small measures can make a difference. Changing our ways to stop the earth from changing is most likely the best course of action. Change is the law of nature and what doesn’t change as per the environment demands, is eliminated. All evolutionary and phylogenetic studies work on this concept.


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