I am free as a bird. A bird whose wings are not flattened, or restricted by the social norms. My thinking reflects the flight, the courage that I undertake to stand for what is right, and against for what is wrong. I may speak thousand words, and for once you can show your anger, your thirsty ego and a soul who gets insulted for every pointed mistake. You may seek revenge or worse, kill me – but I assure you, those words of mine will reverberate in your, and whole world’s ears every night, every day until you die.

There is sadness today, in the world we live survive. The names are Washiqur Rahman and Avijit Roy. It will not entrust upon the world, or perhaps Bangladesh, until the country is silent at the hour of midnight, and with the guilt of creating such a cruel place dawns upon them, somewhere in the darkness of dusk.

There are some things which are beyond man’s understanding, or perhaps, will remain at the unknown’s summit forever. These are, those uncalled rights of killing someone. Take away those areas, those districts, those states and those countries. Wipe the borders away, and for once, consider everyone the same, and answer my only question: Who gives you right to kill someone?

Many may not comprehend, or understand this. Many may just stand for those un-conditional 2 minutes of silence, but I ask you something more than that today – Don’t stand for silence, rather raise up your voice.

Raise up your voice for righteousness. Raise it up when you can help someone. Raise it up when the crime is not with you, but with the person in front of you. Raise it up when you see someone getting hurt. Raise it up when you see something wrong. Raise your voice when you want something good. Raise it up, when you feel you are a human.

Do you know why? Because you’ll achieve greater silence of truth when you demand it with a voice raised.

No one human, can set conditions for another. I am a blogger and so does millions of us – These things don’t stop us from raising our voices, rather it makes up shout out loud, even more.

RIP Washiqur and Avijit, and this one for you. Justice will be served back, and if you feel this violates your ego, your thoughts or you take an offence then, I am ready to be killed.

For those who are unaware of these happenings: A blogger, Washiqur Rehman was killed brutally for putting out his views. This was the second incident after a month old incident of Avijit Roy, whose story was same as the former.

Share it so that the world knows that we are not afraid to raise our voice for righteousness.