One of the most exciting league is back, with its chieftains taking the step in, as Patna Pirates with its primary sponsors Volini, who are keen to make sure that no sportsman lives out of comfort while doing the best things they want.

The prime sponsors Volini, who partnered with Volini took upto to bloggers to explain how, pro-kabaddi is emerging with time, and how players are going forward with a lot more opportunities, and getting recognized in any phase of sports outlook.

Rakesh Kumar, captain of Indian Kabaddi Team, and also the supreme of Patna Pirates, took up the mic to explain his journey in the sports aura. It followed with the long session with Volini Chief Market Head, Vikram, who took introduction with the bloggers and the two parties.

The event further included some amazing activities like, on the spot jogging and micro-biologic linking by Shayamal, who was, not only the sport scientist belonging to the Patna Pirates, but someone who had an amazing knowledge and experience about the fields pertaining to different sports such as Tennis, Cricket & Football.

He explained how the mind reflects on fast movement and vocal habits, and made us jog faster and utter the word, “Kabaddi” in a slow manner. The event also called up few bloggers who played live kabaddi with the players, depicting how fast one athlete needs to be.

It was a pure joyful event which then progressed with the association of bloggers putting forward in-numerable questions, and the three players, answering them to all their honesty.

Rakesh Kumar, described how, in the times when the game was developing, it was harder for this genre of players to practice due to lack of services, play-grounds available and the tough times which they faced in the evolution of the ground.


One of the most beautiful moments was the confession by the captain that it feels amazing, when someone recognises them aboard or out in public, giving them that feeling of doing something for their nation, country or sport.

The event ended with an amazing networking session over lunch, and with great memories to take from this event. As a pioneers of sport, we all would be looking forward to the Pro-Kabaddi Season 2.