With plenty of dreams at stake, some appearances for last time, and passions overshadowing fear of failure – India vs Australia is one such dilemma of living life or watching each ball. We look forward to some things which hold importance in tomorrow’s match.

Last World-Cups!

It can very well be the last world cup match for plenty of players. Be it M.S Dhoni who has given so much to Indian Cricket that listing it is not merely possible or Michael Clarke, who reinforced the broken the Australia after retirements and fall of their cricketing career.

It will be an occasion deemed with jest, with hopes and with courage roaring apart from both the sides.

There are, anyways, plenty of things to look forward to – it can be that tough competition between Michelle Johnson and Virat Kohli, or the stroke-filled, hit and miss cases between Glenn Maxwell and Ravichandran Ashwin. It will be competition of two cool heads in MS Dhoni and Michael Clarke.

It will be a duel between the pacers from both the ends – One representing the accuracy, and one representing the consistency.

Umesh Yadav can prove to be key structure but for that, he needs to come out of the shell that he has fallen into. He and Mohammad Shami can form the key characters in shaping the whole match if they can get the two explosive Australian openers out for cheap.

But the real worry starts with the commencement of Steven Smith’s batting who seems to be in a form of his life, after a long successful summer– He is here with 2 fifties already in the tournament along with Glenn Maxwell, who is known, and has flipped the sides of the match ever so quickly.

It will also be the day, when Michael Clarke can show that class is permanent, and injuries are mere commas in between.

Key Players India Vs Australia

Talking about India’s batting – If India needs to deliver, either one of the openers need to pioneer the innings. With middle order tumbling more than few occasions – it is just the right platform for Virat Kohli to stand up to his reputation of being India’s finest batsman. Towards the end, we can very well expect a Dhoni style innings if India would want to showcase their podium in this match.

Whatever be the outcome of tomorrow’s match – There is one thing for sure, tomorrow cricket will be the real winner, but that is something we don’t want, we don’t want one team to lose, when both of them deserve to win! But that’s cricket, and life for you.