Binary Caves is a platform meant for all. You are a business looking for an innovation in terms of an Android Application? Need a website to show-case your work and tired of all monotonous business websites? Come to us, because when we make a website, we don’t just make 4-5 pages of company info, we try and replicate the structure, working and the entity online.
Binary Caves

Pehchaan India has tied up with Binary Caves in-order to present our audience, a cheaper and a better way to get services for your Startup/Business, and not only that, in the process, create new suggested innovations by their ThinkMinds core team.

One of the key features we came across their product evolution was their intensive research of the market, and then giving an estimation quote. Each website is tailored uniquely for its business.

The eCommerce support team of Binary Caves offers a huge concessions in terms of price, starting the eCommerce development at mere 21,000 Rupees. (Which includes all the static eCommerce services such as Admin Panel, Payment Gateway, Product Integration, Product Photography etc). So if you are looking for a eCommerce website, and the price has always eluded you, then you know, its the right time to call +9167713562.

In terms of Business Development, they offer you an option for the team to do a complete 360 research in-order to include features, and complete structures of the website, apart from the requisites asked by the owner.

Binary Caves' Content Strategy

There are tons of other things that the extended team offers in terms of Content, Graphic Designing, Social Media Marketing, Social Engine Optimization. All the services mentioned also come in a monthly package which falls under the rate of 8-10K per month. Quite amazing rate with the services on offer. Also, the company has surpassed the QI (Quality Index) in last 3 months to become one of the trendiest companies in today’s time.


Since with the partnership, we will be bringing quite a lot on offer apart from the huge concessions they offer, we will also keep updating you for more innovations. Anyways, if you are interested in service, just call Binary Caves (9167713562) and mention PEHCHAAN-INDIA as your code to retrieve a 30% discount.

We look forward to having a lot of you on-board!