In the age of modern times, we are going to talk about the aspect which no else site does, neither portrays. The features which almost every neglect but upon using the phone in daily use, these turn out to be the major miss-outs. For the very same reason, we take a look at the specific factors of this phone only!

But before jumping out to our 3 major pothole fillings between today’s two competitors that happens to be OPPO F1 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The two phones have been recently launched with their respective markets being targeted. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge happens to be in the premier price slot but the trendy OPPO F1 has found his way into the market with some quality matching with high-end range specifics even at a significant lower price.

s6 oppo1

All in all, lets bulge into the best of the features, the 3 key ones as we decided to call them:

  1.  The Real SelfieIn the race of getting the perfect front shot, every single device which comes out in the market features an advanced version of selfie camera. For the very same reason, when S6 Edge came out on tracks, it proved to be a worthwhile competition to stand in front of existing candidates. But, the wait for the expert was not long enough, as earlier this month, we saw the best of the class appear in form of OPPO F1.

    Though there didn’t seem much of the difference in terms of pix elation, but the color enhancement present in F1 marked it mark even in the low light. (To Check Low-light Scenes, Check Our Gallery).

    This picture has been clicked by another OPPO F1. Stunning back-camera as well.
  2.  The Best Captured StoryYou are set for an amazing moment, but you want to cherish it forever. With S6 and OPPO’s latest entry into the market where camera plays a major role, it has become increasing amazing to see how both phones provide a recording ability in them.

    Both the devices recordings will be uploaded on our Instagram account shortly, alongside to be tweeted from our twitter handle. Keep a track on them to get the clear idea. While you are here, we will let you know that you won’t find much difference in both’s video recording though OPPO F1 has more of the hue compared to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The settings and interface provided within them provides an amazing UI for to user to interact.

    Front Camera Shots!

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    Lifestyle Importance!

  3. The Complete 24 HandsYes, if you don’t use your phone for everything, then its no use calling it smart. Well, both the devices offer a large utilization in day to day’s life affair. Extra features included in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, like the edge itself gets balanced in terms of usage when compared to OPPO S1’s touch and gestures features.

    Other usages include the style and form factor, which happens to be great for both the phone when compared in the general market. Though the style factor of edge gives it a unique look, the form factor and sturdiness of OPPO makes it feel great in hand.