The MarCon was back in its full glory with #12MarCon. The event, encompassed over the span of two days brought in many digital leaders to spread their awareness, their ups and downs and tricks which are learnt over a lot of experiments.

The event was hosted by Grand Hyatt Mumbai, which kept the hype growing with its great services and top-notch waiting.

We at Pehchaan India, couldn’t help but click the wonderful pictures to show-case the mighty hotel and its various art displays in structures.

We had some of the big names from in Snapchat-4211274132728341974 dustries to show case their excellent at IAMAI 12 MarCon.

Pehchaan India LavinPunjabi

Lavin Punjabi, President, Affle speaks over the importance of right targeting and the factor which is most important for effective consumer engagement. Talking on the similar point, he expressed how banner and imagery ads in today’s time is creating a well-known face of any company’s image in users’ mind. Users are pretty tired of reading the same old tactics of the sale practices, they have started reading between the lines and its important to give them the content in between the lines as well.

The key focus over the span of two days was the changing market. We had some of the deepest conversations regarding how the mobile advertising is functioning and how it is affecting users globally in the long run. The numbers spoke for themselves.

Another excellent speech that was the highlight of this event was Saurabh Verma’s

PehchaanIndia Saurabh Verma

This is the speech I will always remember. It started with the same dialogue as the speech name, “Do you have a purpose?” and about how important it is to set temporary targets.

  • Temporary targets are like morning alarms. You wake up due to them.
  • They make you get fast forward to your work because you know that the target is near.
  • It gives you a productive aim to achieve.
  • Its the next checkpoint which re-fuels you.
  • It gives you time to ponder upon your decision for the next target.
  • It is not hectic like long term targets.

These were some of the best insights, I as a business-person or I, as an entrepreneur can keep in mind.

All in all, this Digital Conference was one of the best that would happen to someone who wants to learn in bulk. These are in hand-practices. These are experiences which cover a large part of failures along with trusted and verified means of work.

The experiments of marketers coming from the test labs of lakhs of public they use on.

Here, lets check some of the best tweets from the event: