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  • Siri for Indian-English

Apple recently introduced Siri support for English (India). For all those who weren’t able to pull off their desired command in an accent Siri could understand, you can finally select English (India) on the language settings for Siri. Siri will now probably understand what you’re trying to say better than before (worked for me). However, you probably might not like the feedback voice of Siri here.


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  • Siri Hands-Free

Most people should know this feature as it was mentioned, by Apple, in the iOS 8 update information. For those who don’t know, when your iPhone is connected to power you can access Siri Hands-free by just saying “Hey Siri” followed by your command. This often proves useful in many situations.


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Iphone tricks
Siri Hands-Free Demo




Keyboard related tricks.


[tab title=”Symbols”]

Many of us are pretty familiar with the iOS keyboard and can use it really quickly without much effort. But you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to type a symbol without tap on the 123 tab and then back to the alphabets with another tap. On holding the 123 button, the symbols are displayed and by dragging your finger to the symbol of choice and releasing it you will be returned to the alphabets.

Extensive Iphone tricks


[tab title=”Domain Extensions”]

When typing a URL in the browser by holding your finger on the ‘full-stop’ button you’ll be presented with preset extensions to choose from which can be done by dragging your finger to the desired choice and releasing.

Extensive Iphone tricks


[tab title=”Adding Full-Stops”]

For some reason not many people know this trick but it could be very useful as this method can prove to be a massive time-saver. You can add a full stop at the end of a sentence by double-tapping the space-bar and iOS starts a new sentence for you automatically.


[tab title=”Emoji Keyboard”]

Again, most people know how one can get the Emoji keyboard on their iOS Device. For those who don’t know, follow these steps:
Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New keyboard > Emoji

Extensive IPhone Tricks


[tab title=”Short-cuts”]

You can also set custom shortcuts for long phrases or sentences on your iOS device for convenience while typing.
You can set your shortcuts by following these steps:
Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > + (Button)

Extensive IPhone Tricks


[tab title=”Shake To Undo”]

If you’ve ever typed a long message and which to undo typing, you can simply shake the device to do so.

Extensive IPhone Tricks





General Tips

  • Scrolling

At times when you’ve scrolled down a lot of old emails, notes, messages or on any app you use, you can go back right to the top by tapping on the top most part of your iPhone screen.

  • Flash notifications

Incase the notification sound and the vibration isn’t enough to catch your attention you can use this trick for a little help. Although, actually this is meant for people with hearing impairments. On receiving notifications, the iPhone flash will blink to notify you along with the sound and the vibration. You can activate this by following the steps:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Scroll down to ‘Hearing’ > LED Flash for Alerts

Now your iPhone will blink for alerts.

  • Deleting the last typed digit on the calculator

Most people don’t know this tip.  The iPhone calculator app does not have a button that allows us to delete/alter the last digit typed in the black space for calculations. However, you can do this by simply swiping to the left or right on the black space with the numbers, after which you can type a different digit. This only works for the last typed digit and not for all of them.

  • Stop playing music with a timer

For those who like falling asleep to music or would want your music to stop playing at a particular time for whatsoever reason this tip will be really useful.

To set up the timer, go to the Clock app, tap on Timer, set the duration for which you want the music to play and under “When Timer Ends”, select “Stop Playing”.

Iphone music timer


  • Find phrases on a website in Safari

You can search for phrases or words on a web page you’re viewing in Safari by typing the word in the URL bar above and looking at the results under “On This Page”.

 iPhone Phrases

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