Camera Tips

  • Panorama Direction

You can change the direction of the panorama that you are capturing by tapping on the arrow, after which the arrow will flip and move to the other side.

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iPhone Panorama


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iPhone Panorama 2




  • Use your earphones to take pictures

When using the camera app, if your earphones are plugged in, this trick might prove to be very handy. You can use the volume buttons on the earphones to take pictures or selfies. This will help in stabilization of the picture and a lot more improvement in the final image.

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Custom Ringtones for iPhones
(Without Jailbreaking)

iPhone doesn’t allow a user to set their own custom ringtones from the songs in their music library. One such method to get ringtones for iPhone is to purchase them from the iTunes Store. However, with this trick you can make your own custom ringtones for iOS for FREE. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.


[tab title=”Requirements”]

♣ iTunes

♣ The song you want as your ringtone

♣ iPhone


[tab title=”Steps”]

1) In iTunes, right click on the song you want as your ringtone and click on Get Info.

2) Select the ‘Options’ tab and then click on the start time and stop time boxes. Enter the time at which you would want your ringtone to start and stop. You have to ensure the duration of the ringtone should be a maximum of 30 seconds as this is Apple’s maximum duration for a ringtone. (For accurate start and stop points, you can use decimal points to ensure precision of the edit)

3) Click OK. Right click again, and then click on “Create AAC version”. iTunes will then create an AAC file which can be identified by the duration. Important Step: Go back to the Options for the original track you selected and uncheck the Start and Stop time check boxes so that your song plays normally.

4) Right click on the AAC version and select Show in Windows Explorer. The file will be highlighted. Right click the file and click on Rename. Change the file extension from “.m4a” to “.m4r”

5) Drag and drop this file into the Tones section in iTunes. Also, delete the AAC version you created that is in your iTunes library.

6) After all steps have been completed, connect your iPhone and sync the tones. You will then be able to select your custom tone on your iPhone.




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