The boarding pass mentioned it, 2:05 am departing time. We were headed towards the paradise in Asia, Malaysia. We had the trip planned six months in advance, and I had every bit of research ready to go and visit places. We had booked the tickets through Yatra website, and they had also helped us in making the trip check-points.


I remember the trip distinctively. I was ready to snooze myself up for the 7 hour flight, but first, we had to enjoy the lounge food and relax ourselves to undertake a long journey ahead.

The lounge food was amazing as always! I purposely go to airport, a couple of hours before my departure minus procedural time, so that I can relax myself in the comforts of lounge.

As the midnight meal at the airport lounge was done, and the announcement was made regarding our flight number, we started heading towards our jet airliner which was all set to be our home for next 7 and half hours.

I remember profoundly, 3 movies and 2 stand-up shows on the online entertainment system. I couldn’t sleep that night, perhaps it was not meant to be. The thoughts of that wondrous place was livid in my mind and I could not help but wonder, that if the thoughts were so glorifying, how would the travel be.

We landed in Malaysia at close to Noon, their time. The intensity by which I wanted this trip to happen clearly reflected in my joy! I didn’t take a second to get off my chair as the descending from the plane started.

The first step was heavenly itself. As I climbed out of the aircraft, through the connecting tunnel, into the airport, I couldn’t hold back the enormity of the place. It didn’t look noon as I witnessed the clouds through the escaping gaps in the tunnel. The sky was clear, like a spotless hollow.

And then it began, from one place to another. Hopping from the dock-palace to eating at pizzerias over the lane full of restaurants. Trying some authentic Malaysian dishes, and making sure that each place, plate and memory is covered in those pixels directly being uploaded to social media sites.

We look a mono-rail booked through the center of the town reaching out to different local places, which were not so easily accessible. The mono-rail yatra was pretty comfortable, safe and reliable. We had kept the rule simple, to eat only at the spontaneous places we find, and have nothing fixed or scheduled before-hand. Though it was pretty risky and adventuring, but after-all that’s what travel is all about. Isn’t it?

The five days seemed like five hours. The twin tower was one of the most memorable ones for me, and for all of us.

The return journey was smooth as well, and yes, when you are returning home, you tend to like things coming off easy, since by that time, you had already exhausted all your energy.

The flight back, took 7 hours, perhaps 3 more movies, and we landed in Mumbai. Looking back at the trip, it was one of the star Yatras for me. The one, I can relive over and over again.

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