The largest natural elevation of the Earth’s surface, rising abruptly from its surroundings, the Himalayas, are known to house mystical creatures and yogis that defy the laws of nature. The veil of mist and mystery both cling to the snow-capped peaks. When a sudden gust of wind pierces the silence of tranquility, and natural beauty is at its literal summit, a distinct sound permeates through. Travel to the ‘roof of the world’ with me to explore what’s still in the attic.

An eternal being, Yeti, is said to inhabit the highest regions of the Himalayas. Various accounts from the locals and researchers tell us that Yeti is an ape-like creature which is taller than the average man. The beast is said to still roam the peaks of the Himalayas and is regarded as a sacred being by the locals. The Yeti, or abominable snowman, has been the subject of crypto-zoology for longer than the cold war lasted and they still haven’t reached solidarity in terms of its existence, but the popular belief and local accounts of the past continue to baffle them.

Yogi - Himalayan Mystery

According to the ‘Bhagwat Gita’, a holy Hindu scripture, transcendental knowledge-the spiritual knowledge of the soul, of God, and of their relationship, is both purifying and liberating. Such knowledge is the fruit of selfless devotional action. ‘Siddhi’ is the name given to a supernatural power which is attained by persistent and diligent ‘Saadhna’ performed by the ‘Sadhak’, or person. Ascetic and abstinent practitioners of meditation, Yogis, are rumoured to inhabit the Himalayas. These yogis are believed to have extended the frontiers of their longevity to thousands of years, and achieve extreme feats of endurance by overcoming hunger for years. Even scientifically, a person who could overcome the cause of aging and cell death could theoretically live longer than most trees and turtles.

Recently, a group of pilgrims trudging to find shelter and timber barged into a yogi meditating with only a thin saffron clothing on his body amid a harsh spell of snow. The group of pilgrims were left startled as to how the yogi could sit there unfettered, in just a saffron cloth while they shivered in three-piece Antarctic expedition parkas. His tenacity was shocking and the pilgrims tried to reach the yogi meditating outside a cave at an altitude higher than where they stood. Much to their dismay, it turned out to be a daunting task as the track sported a precipitous climb.

Oddities. Mythical Creatures. Abominable Snowman. pic: circa 1951. This picture was taken at 19,000 feet in the Menlung Basin, Nepal, and shows, supposedly, the footprints of the Abominable Snowman or Yeti.
Oddities, Mythical Creatures, Abominable Snowman, pic: circa 1951, This picture was taken at 19,000 feet in the Menlung Basin, Nepal, and shows, supposedly, the footprints of the Abominable Snowman or Yeti

These incidents tell us that a bewildering array of mysterious yogis are still meditating amid the Himalayas, completely isolated from the modern world. There are arcane procedures to reach them, which are only known to those who are worthy of it. A few of these yogis are said to be immortal, and possess supernatural powers through invocations of a mysterious transcendental force beyond scientific understanding.

May the force, be with you.

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