India is a land where ascetics, saints and Sufis have ensconced themselves in, ever since the times of the primordial epics. These saints were acknowledged as holy or virtuous and were known to possess supernatural powers. These powers had a spiritual symbolic or allegorical significance that transcends human understanding. One such example of these antediluvian miracles or true myths that still manages to baffle thousands of people, is the Shah Wilayat Dargah, standing at the very fringes of scientific understanding.

Sitting at about 130 kilometres from the National capital territory of Delhi and North-west of Moradabad, Amroha is a humble town saturated with history and culture. Now, if I tell you, that there is a place in Amroha, in whose confines whenever any vicious scorpion steps, the scorpion forgets its characteristic nature, or inherent attributes and that it forgets to sting, will you believe me? You’ll be shocked about the fact, or perhaps given my supposed ignorance. But can it be, that a creature whose fright inducing fame that lies in the fact that it boasts of a vicious sting, really forget to sting? You wouldn’t believe me till you go there and actually witness this first-hand. Yes, there is one such place where vicious creatures become oblivious to their inherent characteristics and relinquish causing harm to any being. You must have seen places where there might be an oddly outsized population of pigeons, or perhaps monkeys, that come and sit on people’s hands and shoulders. Then there is this place, where you will find an oddly large population of scorpions that come and sit on people’s hands and shoulders, without causing any harm! The Shah Wilayat Dargah in Amroha is one such place where you can go and witness magic, of sorts. The most viciously fatal species of scorpions have been taken within the bounds of the Dargah thus far, and all have undergone a transformation. So what makes this place so that scorpions lose their selves in its margins? And why is it that there are so many scorpions (yes, scorpions) in the saint Shah Wilayat’s resting place’s vicinity? Let’s find out.

When Syed Hussain Sharfuddin Shah Wilayat Naqvi, a 13th Century Sufi saint went to this place, he discovered that it had luscious, fragrant, ripe mangoes known as ‘Aam’ and the delicious ‘Roh’ or ‘Rohu’ fish. Hence the name, Amroha, came to his mind. Legend has it, that when Shah Wilayat stepped in Amroha, there was another saint named Khwaja Naseeruddin who didn’t want him to reside in Amroha. He subsequently sent him a vessel filled with milk, as a small token (in a mocking sense), along with a message indicating him to take it and leave Amroha. Shah Wilayat refused to do so and sent the vessel back with a flower in it, proposing peace and harmony. It is said that upon learning of his refusal to leave, Khwaja Naseeruddin cursed Shah Wilayat. He gave him a curse that after his death, scorpions would surround his grave, so no one would visit it. Shah Wilayat in turn accepted the curse and said that it is fine if there will be scorpions in his grave’s vicinity but he will make sure that they don’t harm any being.

Of course, like every legend, this one too doesn’t have much evidence to check the veracity of the story put forth. It is up to you to believe it or not, but there is one thing that is certain, the place is for real. Many doubters have experienced it first-hand (and literally that). You can too!

Shah Wilayat Dargah Scorpion

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