Goa is regarded as one of the best place to enjoy your life. It has a combination of everything, your calmness of blood, speeded on those beaches while you relax and have a drink in your own solidity freedom, or you choose to enjoy to your life’s extent by variety of options present in Goa’s wraps, such as Yatch, Knee-boarding, Kayaking, Wakeboarding, Scuba-diving, Paddle- boarding and so many more.

Today, at Pehchaan India, we are going to look at the Top 3 activities in Goa, and where to find them best!

Water Skiing in Goa

One of the most popular sports, and it gives you a feeling on flying over water. However, if you have tried this sport before, you will realize that it’s one of the hardest skill to maintain. It is played on the surf-board with one end of your board tied up to a boat with a rope. It needs you to be physically fit and enduring.

Where to try it?

Baga Beach, Mabor Beach, Utorda Beach, Calangute Beach.

When to try it?

Winter Season (October-February)


Scuba Diving

The shallow shores of Goa provide you an intensive experience of Scuba Diving. It offers a rich collection of marine life. Goa is considered as one of the best scuba diving spots in India. When in Goa, we highly recommend you to try Scuba Diving in Grand Island.

Where to try it?

Grande Islands, St. George Island, Devagh Island, Pigeon Island

When to try it?

The best time to do Scuba diving in Goa is October to April as that time, it gives a beautiful vision through the depths.

Looking to try it? Visit Mojhi!

White Water Rafting

Goa tourism has recently allowed the sport to be played within the realms. The location is near to a small village called Ustem at Valpoi, Sattari. There are two companies currently allowing this. First one, Southern River Adventures and other Water Sports Pvt Limited. It’s a glorious world for people in love with Water Sports. This is often considered as the pinnacle of water sports.

Where to try it?

Mhadei River in Valpoi, Sattari

When to try it?

The best season to try it is the Monsoon season. In the monsoon reason, the flow is perfect for the carriage to maintain.

We at, Pehchaan India, will keep bringing these short-trip structures. If you have experienced any of the sports before, do mention them in comments!